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Richard Vogel(non-registered)
I love your Instagram feed and just checked out your website and it totally blew me away. Just spectacular, keep up the great work. Your inspirational!!
Abdulkareem Gomez Jacobus(non-registered)
I was listening to The Candid frame, after that I looked up your website. Love your pictures and also the beautiful colours. Wonderful stuff
Chris Alo (@thequietshutter)(non-registered)
I finally gotten the chance to look at your website!

For starters, I have to reiterate how humble I am that you even looked at my Instagram stream. That's the only way I can share my work for the moment since I'm so busy being outside most days. Your work is so reminiscent of Meyerowitz, Winogrand, Hoepker and Erwitt! It's wonderful and an honor to be noticed by you given you are quite known in the publishing and gallery world. I hope we could work together someday!
Tony Bach(non-registered)
Thank you for taking our picture today in Washington Sq., Park a still wonder if my dog Tybalt is part Pomeranian.
I hope you post them on Flickr I would love to see them. thanks again !
Your work is great
Michelle Rick Photography
Of course I remember you and your beautiful boy and those colorful umbrellas! I went back yesterday to take some more pictures, and am just getting to processing and editing them. I'll e-mail those to you as soon as I'm done (think a day or three). I plan on going back to the beach this weekend- if you're there and you'd like more pictures, I'll be happy to take them.

Thank you so much for your kind comment about my photography. I am so glad you enjoyed looking through my stream!


patricia mclachlan(non-registered)
U took pictures of me at coney island white girl long blonde hair I was with a little boy he was black don't know if u remember but I love your work
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